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Lifetime Achievement Honorees


Induction into the National Cleveland-Style Polka Hall of Fame is the highest honor bestowed by the American Slovenian Polka Foundation. The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes valuable contrubutions by musicians, individuals and organizations to the Cleveland-Style Polka, the genre of American dance music that emerged from the city's Slovenian  neighborhoods more than a century ago and achievement nationwide popularity after World War II.


Each year, the Polka Hall of Fame members nominate and vote for Lifetime Achievers by secret ballot. The Board of Trustees also has the option to select an honoree of special merit. Bominees are screened by the Board to confirm that the each candidate's contributions have had an important impact on their evolution and success of the Cleveland-Style Polka.


The following inductees have been honored with Lifetime Achievement Awards plaques on display in the National Cleveland-Style Polka Hall of Fame's Museum portrait gallery. The profiles are also available on this website. Please click on a name for the biography or just click on a song to listen.
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Eddie Adamic

Slavko Avsenik

Louie Bashell

Kenny Bass

Roger Bright

Denny Bucar

Eddie Bucar

Georgie Cook

Ralph Delligatti

Cecilia Dolgan

Joe Fedorchak

Dick Flaisman

Glasbena Matica

Fred Gregorich

Joe Grkman, Sr.

Eddie Habat

Mark Habat

Hank Haller

Matt Hoyer

Jadran Singing Society

Eddie Kenik

Gaylord Klancnik

Norm Kobal

Jim Kozel

Fred Kuhar

William (Doc) Lausche

Don Lipovac

Dusan "Duke" Marsic

Al Markic

Steve Meisner

Verne Meisner

Joey Miskulin

Frankie Mullec

Frank Novak

Walter Ostanek

Johnny Pecon

Jeff & Johnny Pecon

Tony Petkovsek

Art Perko

Father Frank Perkovich

Roman Possedi

Sam Pugliano

Eddie Rodick

Gary Seibert

Del Sinchak

Lojze Slak

Ron Sluga

Dick Sodja

Frankie Spetich

George Staiduhar

Dick Tady

Jack Tady

Al Tercek

Hank Thunander

Bob Timko

Lou Trebar

Anna Vadnal

Frank Vadnal

Johnny Vadnal

Richie Vadnal

Tony Vadnal

Eddie Vallus

Dave Wolnik

Paul Yanchar

Frankie Yankovic

Jake Zagger

Zarja Singing Society

Frankie Zeitz

Fred Ziwich


Songs to listen


Eddie Adamic - Happy Mountaineer Polka ♫

Slavko Avsenik - Trumpets Echo Polka ♫

Louie Bashell - Silk Umbrella Polka ♫

Kenny Bass - Mocilnikar's Polka ♫

Roger Bright - In The Mountain Waltz ♫

Denny Bucar (Frank Stanger) - Barberton Polka ♫

Eddie Bucar (George Staiduhar) - Sparky's Polka ♫

George Cook - Sugar And Spice Polka ♫

Jeff Pecon (Bass Ralph Delligatti) - Disc Jockey Polka ♫

Cecilia Dolgan - Roses Of Love ♫

Joe Fedorchak - Wonder Boy Polka ♫

Dick Flaisman (The Allmars) - Flaisman Polka ♫

Glasbena Matica - Mladi Vojaki ♫

Fred Gregorich - Cheese & Crackers Polka ♫

Joe Grkman, Sr. - Slovenian Shuffle Polka ♫

Eddie Habat - Go Man Go Polka ♫

Walter Ostanek (Drums Mark Habat) - Jack Of St Clair

Hank Haller - Elyria Eddie's Polka ♫

Matt Hoyer - Moja Micka Polka ♫

Jardran Singing Society - Mi Slovenci Taki Smo ♫

Eddie Kenik - And God Created Land ♫

Gaylord Klancnik - Slovenian Village Polka ♫

Norm Kobal (Bob Kravos) Emily's Waltz ♫

Jim Kozel - Keystone Polka ♫

Fred Kuhar - Magic Flute Polka ♫

William "Doc" Lausche (Lausche Trio) - Doc's Polka ♫

Don Lipovac - Slovenian Button Box Medley ♫

Dusan "Duke" Marsic - Magic City Polka ♫

Al Markic (The Almars - Moonbeam Polka) ♫

Steve Meisner - Main Attraction ♫

Verne Meisner - El Rio Drive ♫

Joey Miskulin (& Lou Trebar) - Mis-Tre Polka ♫

Frankie Mullec - Cleveland Polka ♫

Frank Novak - Antique Polka ♫

Walter Ostanek - Mountain Polka ♫

Johnny Pecon - Janez And Lojze Polka ♫

Jeff Pecon - Disc Jockey Polka ♫

Tony Petkovsek - Tribute To The Polka King ♫

Art Perko - Peanuts ♫

Father Frank Perkovich (Joe Cvek) - In My Heart ♫

Roman Possedi - When You're Away Polka ♫

Sam Pugliano - Barking Dog Polka ♫

Eddie Rodick - Slap Happy Polka ♫

Gary Seibert - Swingstreet Polka ♫

Del Sinchak- Roseann Polka ♫

Lojze Slak - Glas Harmonike ♫

Ron Sluga - Kiss Me Darling Polka ♫

Dick Sodja (Kenny Bass) - Dancing Doll Polka ♫

Frankie Spetich - Pony Tail Polka ♫

George Staiduhar - Mozart's Polka ♫

Dick Tady - Brozovich's Polka ♫

Jack Tady - Tady's Polka ♫

Al Tercek - Oh How Sweet It Is Polka ♫

Hank Thunander - Big Ts Polka ♫

Bob Timko - Under The Double Eagle ♫

Lou Trebar (& Joey Miskulin) - Mis-Tre Polka ♫

Anna Vadnal

Frank Vadnal - Happy Guitar ♫

Johnny Vadnal - Clap Hands Polka ♫

Richie Vadnal  - No Beer On Sunday ♫

Tony Vadnal - Teach Me How To Yodel ♫

Eddie Vallus - Allysa Lee Waltz ♫

Dave Wolnik (Frankie Yankovic) - Hey Little Sweetheart

Paul Yanchar (Johnny Pecon) - Little Fella Waltz ♫

Frankie Yankovic - Ohio Polka ♫

Jake Zagger - Trontels Polka ♫

Zarja Singing Society - Vrh Planin ♫

Frankie Zeitz - Jolly Hop Polka ♫

Fred Ziwich - Bionic Button Box Polka ♫











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