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Eddie began his Slovenian singing career in the 1930s. Joining the Crick i Junior Chorus at age seven and studying under the direction of Ivan Zorman and Julius Slapsak. Since that time, Eddie has been continuously affiliated with various Slovenian singing groups including the Zvon Mixed and Male Choruses, Triglav, the St. Vitus Church Choir, and, of course, Glasbena Matica Singing Society. Eddie began his long tenure with Glasbena Matica in 1948, making many early contributions and serving as its President along the way. Between 1950 and 1961, the magnificent tenor took thirteen leading roles in the group's many operatic productions under the direction of Anton Schubel, including Carmen, La Traviata, and the Tales of Hoffman.


Not withstanding the opportunities his powerful voice and talents might have commanded. Eddie confined his singing to the Slovenian cultural and Cleveland-Style genres, feeling most at home with the intimacy afforded by personal appearances. As proprietor of St. Clair's famous Tino's Bar from 1960-1972, Eddie delighted patrons with his renditions from behind the bar and while vocalizing with the orchestras perfomming there.


Often called upon to be a featured vocalist. Eddie appeared frequently with the Don Slogar and Eddie Buehner Orchestras as well as with other Cleveland-based bands. He headlined two major concerts with June Price and Dolores Mihelich in 1977 and 1979, the latter leading to the release of a double LP album. Eddie performed during seven tours of Europe and in concerts in Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Chicago, and Milwaukee. Closer to home, Eddie has been a regular volunteer perfommer at the Slovene Home for the Aged.


Eddie recorded eight albums. five accompanied by Buehner, and three with Slogar on the Mlay and his own Kenik labels. Eddie also produced albums on the Kenik label featuring Marie Pivik and the Price-Mihelich duet. Eddie's radio and television credits include appearances on "Polka Varieties" as well as the shows of Sidney Andorn and Chester Budny.


A major force in the Slovenian community, Eddie served for forty years as a Director of the Slovenian National Home on St. Clair Avenue and as its President for twenty-four prior to his retirement in 1994. Credited with playing a critical role in preserving this institution. Eddie was honored as the Federation of Slovenian Homes' Man-of-the-Year in 1970.


Among Eddie's numerous hits. the most requested include "O Ja" "Veseli Ribencan" (Happy Mountaineer), "Kamnik," "Ljubcek Moj" (My Sweetheart). "Tam na Ravnem Polju" (Across the Open Plains), "Zaplula," and "Socha Voda."


Inducted in 1994

National Cleveland Style Polka Hall of Fame


Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient




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